Question: How Do I Tell My Employees About Redundancy?

How should I be told about redundancy?

Your employer has to follow a fair redundancy process if you’ll have worked for them for at least 2 years by the time your job ends.

You should be invited to at least 1 individual meeting with your employer to discuss redundancy.

Apart from your individual meeting there isn’t a set process..

Do you have to disclose redundancy?

An employer will not hold your redundancy against you as long as you are honest and show a keen interest to get back to work. If it is part of the same company you would be ill advised to not tell them because the chances are they will already have researched you.

How do I make someone redundant nicely?

10 Tips on How to Announce RedundancyDevelop a clear and simple communication strategy. Communicate a clear and consistent message based on the business reasons for the change. … Prepare and practise. … Avoid leaks. … Be compassionate, visible and supportive. … Signpost individuals to resources that can help them.

Can an employer refuse to pay redundancy?

Your employer can refuse to pay your redundancy pay if they don’t think you have a good reason for turning down the job.

How do you handle redundancy conversations?

You can handle the redundancy conversation with professionalism, class, and humanity by following these five tips:Leaders must lead. … It’s not about you. … Show genuine care and empathy – and stay on message. … Communicate next steps. … Close the meeting with humanity.

How do I inform the employee of redundancy?

The right way to break redundancy newsPlan the conversation. … Watch your language. … Explain why the change is happening. … Acknowledge their achievements and contributions. … Tell them what to expect next. … Organise career transition services. … Be available afterwards. … Talk to the survivors.

How do employees communicate with redundancy?

How to communicate an employee redundancy to the teamStart communicating early. … Keep it transparent and professional. … Choose the right channels. … Be ready to join the broader conversation. … Be available and supportive.

On what grounds can you make someone redundant?

Your redundancy is unfair if you’re chosen at least partly because you: asked for one of your rights at work – for example asking for minimum wage, holiday or maternity leave. took action about health and safety – for example making a complaint.

Can you refuse redundancy?

Refusing an offer You may lose your right to statutory redundancy pay if you unreasonably turn down suitable alternative employment. You can make a claim to an employment tribunal if you think the job you’ve been offered is not suitable.

Can I be made redundant if my job still exists?

Can I be made redundant if my job still exists? … Redundancy is only allowed if there’s no longer a need for the role to exist, and it certainly isn’t legal for you to be made redundant only for your job to be taken by someone else shortly after you’ve been made redundant.

What to say to someone who’s been made redundant?

So here is my advice: say something! Send a text, e-mail or even just a little nod of acknowledgement. Something! Often it’s really hard to guess their reaction, but a simple: “I just heard the news” or “this really came as a shock to me” or asking “did you see it coming?” could make a world of difference.