What Is The Opposite Of Pedagogy?

What is a synonym for pedagogy?

didactics, teaching method, teaching, pedagogics, educational activity, education, instruction.

teaching, instruction, pedagogy(noun) the profession of a teacher..

What is the opposite of formative assessment?

The goal of summative assessment is to evaluate student learning at the end of an instructional unit by comparing it against some standard or benchmark. Summative assessments are often high stakes, which means that they have a high point value. Examples of summative assessments include: a midterm exam.

What is the opposite of formative?

▲ (nonconstructive) Opposite of strongly influencing later developments. nonconstructive. nonproductive. unproductive.

What are the 5 pedagogical approaches?

expected to develop the information skills, learning and innovation skills, communication skills, life and career skills of all learners in the basic education program. The five major approaches are Constructivist, Collaborative, Integrative, Reflective and Inquiry Based Learning ( 2C-2I-1R ).

What does summative mean?

Summative is an adjective that means cumulative or characterized or produced by addition. … A close synonym for summative is cumulative, which is much more commonly used. Example: At the end of the year, we have to take a summative assessment that covers everything we were supposed to learn.

Who is the father of pedagogy?

PiagetIntroduction to Piaget: The Father of Pedagogy.

Is pedagogy the same as teaching?

Pedagogy is the study of teaching methods, including the aims of education and the ways in which such goals may be achieved. … Pedagogy is the method and practice of teaching, especially as an academic subject or theoretical concept.

What is good pedagogy in teaching?

Effective pedagogies involve a range of techniques, including whole-class and structured group work, guided learning and individual activity. … Effective pedagogies are inclusive and take the diverse needs of a range of learners, as well as matters of student equity, into account.

What does lack of education mean?

A lack of education can be defined as a state where people have a below-average level of common knowledge about basic things that they would urgently need in their daily life. For instance, this could include basic knowledge in math, writing, spelling, etc.

What is an example of pedagogy?

Pedagogy Examples One of the most powerful pedagogical examples is where students and teachers produce work and learning together. The teacher becomes more of a mentor or coach helping students achieve the learning goal. … A final example of good pedagogy is using real-world examples within the classroom.

What is the opposite of andragogy?

At a glance, andragogy refers to the methods and approaches used in adult education and is directed towards self-actualization, gaining experience, and problem-solving. In contrast, pedagogy is an education method in which the learner is dependent on the teacher for guidance, evaluation, and acquisition of knowledge.

What are the six principles of andragogy?

Andragogy focuses on special needs of adult learners. Knowles identified six assumptions about adult learning: (1) need to know, (2) self-concept, (3) prior experience, (4) readiness to learn, (5) learning orientation, and (6) motivation to learn. The Need to Know.

How do you use the word pedagogy?

Pedagogy sentence examplesMuch of today’s mathematical pedagogy is derived from distant historical antecedents. … Equity pedagogy: Teachers must modify their methods of instruction by allowing for students’ cultural differences before they can encourage academic achievement.More items…

What is another word for lack of education?

1. Ignorant, illiterate, unlettered, uneducated mean lacking in knowledge or in training.

How do you use the word formative in a sentence?

Formative sentence examplesAn organism was to him something controlled by a formative organizing principle. … When this stage was reached the formative age of feudalism may be considered at an end. … But we may say that the formative age was over when these features of the system had combined to be its characteristic marks.More items…

Why lack of education is a problem?

Believing that poor children can’t learn merely leads to paralysis. … The root cause of poverty is lack of education. If you can’t read or do basic math, if you can’t show up for work and apply yourself, you will not have a job.

What is another word for lacking?

SYNONYMS FOR lack 1 dearth, scarcity, paucity, deficit, insufficiency.

How do you explain pedagogy?

PedagogyPedagogy (/ˈpɛdəɡɒdʒi, -ɡoʊdʒi, -ɡɒɡi/), most commonly understand as the approach to teaching, is the theory and practice of learning, and how this process influences, and is influenced by, the social, political and psychological development of learners. … Pedagogy is often described as the act of teaching.More items…