What’S Another Word For Sidekick?

What’s the opposite of Sidekick?

What is the opposite of sidekick?antagonistbosscoryphaeuscompetitioncorrivalmasterassailantchallengercombatantattacker16 more rows.

What does Duff mean sexually?

designated ugly fat friendThe Wing Girls / YouTube. Entered on Urban Dictionary in 2003, duff is short for designated ugly fat friend. It’s a new term for an ancient practice—using a perceived less attractive person to make you look better. Humans. While duff is no doubt shallow and mean, it also apparently has some scientific basis.

What do you call partners in crime?

other words for partner in crime accessory. accomplice. confederate. cooperator. helper.

What’s another word for right hand man?

Similar words for right-hand man: aide-de-camp (noun) chief assistant (noun) important assistant (noun) other synonyms.

What does sidekick mean in slang?

A sidekick is a slang expression for a close companion or colleague (not necessarily in fiction) who is, or is generally regarded as, subordinate to the one he or she accompanies.

How would you describe a sidekick?

Here are some adjectives for sidekick: adorable canine, often somnolent, wonderfully screwball, crotchety but lovable, permanent malevolent, classy, fascinating, blind, faithful, useless male, smart female, scaly green, big, furry, main human, slightly mischievous, faithful native, entirely trustworthy, villainous old, …

What is the CEO right hand man called?

CEOs of many leading companies employ a ‘Strategic Assistant’ as a right-hand man / woman. They are the CEO’s eyes, ears, and problem-solver across the business. They are often called ‘Chief of Staff’ or ‘Business / Commercial Assistant’.

What is a right handed person called?

Coming from the Latin word ambidexter, which means “right-handed on both sides,” ambidextrous describes someone who can use either hand to write, swing a bat or catch a ball. Lucky ducks.

What is another word for friend?

friendalter ego,amigo,buddy,chum,compadre,comrade,confidant,confidante,More items…

What’s another word for wingman?

copilot, teammate, wing, sidekick, crewman.

Is sidekick an insult?

Therefore, while it’s not insulting to call Robin a “sidekick” (since it’s kind of a formal designation for superheroes assistants), if you use it about one of a pair of friends, it can sound insulting.